Rumah Banglo Mewah Milik Dato Chef Wan Yang Memuk4u

Dato Chef Wan merupakan chef paling popular dan atra yang terhebat di Malaysia.

Celotehnya sebagai chef sememangnya sesuatu yang menyeronokkan untuk ditonton manakala kehebatannya sebagai chef tidak boleh disangkal lagi.

Chef Wan boleh dikatakan antara nama besar di dunia masakan di Malaysia dan dia seorang yang amat berjaya.

Untuk pengetahuan, Chef Wan mempunyai rumah Banglo yang amat mewah dan cantik yang terletak di Garden Residence Cyberjaya Aspen Bungalow.

Jom lihat rumah mewah milik Chef Wan:

Ramai pula fans yg baru followed my IG yg tanya boleh ke tengok rumah CW mcm mana di luar?

Its gated home and that it la.

Its coner lot so tanah ke belakang pun not bad luas boleh la berkebun sekelilinginya.

Alhamdulilah its at Garden Residence Cyberjaya Aspen Bungalow.

Very private kedalam bawa kaki bukit with forest reserve over looking my masterbedroom,its Quite and so peaceful.

Security pun very tight disini.

Yg 4th floor di atas tu its my study/Library room over looking the back Roof top garden.

Juga so private and quite with also an out door dining area roof top juga.

So there plenty of space and they all come with 6 huge bedrooms.

The porch area pun luas my neighbour depan tu boleh park all his 4 cars too.

On the first floor of my home there 3 guest bedroom plus initially another 3 more of the 2nd floor.

Hee hee may be when i am retired i might run a home stay bed and breakfast thing!

If not rumah Urut or Mak Ayam ke!

Pasti gempak Cyberjaya kan.

Anyway they all have a common living area which i have put them together like this for the time being.

What i really want to do is to put a wood panelling on the wall next April and hang my painting.

I might also upholstery the sofa after that to give it more of a plain and simple look to match the living room down stair.

Change a smaller coffee table then what it now.

Morning.A very happy and productive weekend to all of u and family.

Sitting at my library and working room with such a glorious sunny day this morning trying to finish my recipes consulting work.

Right across where i am sitting is this lovely space on the roof top that is huge enough to be partly roof up and turn into a patio roof top garden with a nice out door living area.

Something that is on my list of thing to complete in 2017 once the kitchen job is finish.


This house come with a huge jacuzzi tub on the roof top.

Its so bloody hot up here why in heaven would i want to sit up in the jacuzzi open up and watch by my neighbours?

So i had them totally removed just before i moved in.

Dah tua2 ni tak kuasa nak berendam lama la…Yg dah kecut tu tetap akan kecut jugak buat la apa pun.Kita bukan kembang semangkuk nak buat Lin Chee Kang tu!

Beside i never had time to enjoy all this pun and jika mandi pun nak cepat2 janji badan tu di bersihkan.

For that reason i rather create a garden up here eventually so that when i work i can have the garden to enjoy right infront me kan… Daripada tengok amoi tel4njang dlm Jacuzzi tu baik la saya bela seekor berok diatas ni boleh tengok mereka swing here and there mcm kera kena belacan.

Jgn rupa mcm Haji Bakhil sudah la.

Dosa pun kurang kan.What u are seeing now is the view of all my neighbours home from my roof top on the 3rd floor of the house.

Thank god we have a sunny day as the ground is soaked and for the plants to grow healthy we now need the sun for them to look green and healthy.

Too much rain also is not good.


The new yellow flowering plants planted by Serigreen Landscape is looking very nice infront of my main entrance into the garden.

Entah berapa la sepokok tu kena tunggu invoice nya nanti.

Yg penting cantik harga mahal sikit pun saya tak kisah.

Tak belanja kat garden nanti membazir beli yg bukan2 pun at times boleh terjadi.

Baik la cantik kan taman kan hati pun damai dan gembira.

Enough playing in the garden and feeding the fish Bella and Tristan.

Jump into the shower get all dress up and off to our Movie tonight.

Spending the day with the grandchildren and Rina.

Breakfast Table

Setting out breakfast table under the pavillion this morning.

What a glorious and sunny day.

I did a few bed linen wash and towels.

They dried up in no time.

Study Area

At my study area and library tonight.

I need to plan alot of menus and recipes for my upcoming Ramadan Food promotion at the Mosaic restaurant di Mandarin Oriental on the 2nd and 3rd week of the holy month of Ramadan.

Cant believed is just end of May this year.

This time around i would like to feature many of my delicious Asean to other cusine from the middle east as well as the Mediterranean region too base on my world travel serie which i have acquired from all my wonderful guest chefs or through my past years cookery classes in Spain, Morocco, Portugal to Italy.

It would be fun to sample some of this countries signature dishes.

Next is to prepare a proposal for my next new TV cookery serie on Gardenia Bread that include also varieties of Rice and sugar our main Sponsor under Bernas, CSR sugar to Gardenia.

I loved working at this time of the night when your mind is more relax.

Smelling all the fresh breeze from my 4th floor roof top garden terrace only inspired me to come out with creative ideas.

Ruang Tamu

Ruang Makan

Bilik Tidur Tetamu

Kawasan Luar Rumah

Memang cantik rumah Chef Wan ni dan harganya juga memang cantik juga. Tahniah buat Chef Wan. Semoga menajdi inspirasi orang di luar sana.


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